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What Is Homicide?

A person commits homicide when, directly or indirectly, by any means, he causes the death of another human being. Homicide is either culpable (meaning "at fault" or "deserving blame") or not culpable. Homicide that is not culpable is not an offence. A person commits culpable homicide when he causes the death of a human being by means of an unlawful act, by criminal negligence, by causing the human being, by threats or fear of violence or by deception, to do anything that causes his death, or by wilfully frightening that human being (such as a child or a sick person).

What Should I Do If I am Charged with Homicide?

The police will encourage you to give them your story. Before you give a statement to the police, you need to contact Dale Wm. Fedorchuk, Q.C. in Calgary, Alberta to get legal advice. There are many things to be concerned with when deciding whether to participate in a police investigation. You need to know your rights, and know them early, so that you do not put yourself in a worse position. The more serious the offence, the more urgently you need legal advice. If you are ever in a position where police are questioning you about someone who has died, call us right away.

Homicide-Related Offences

There are many offences that can lead to a homicide or homicide-related charge. Some of these offences are criminal negligence causing death, dangerous driving causing death, impaired driving causing death, attempted murder, manslaughter, second degree murder and first degree murder. The punishment that flows from each offence depends on the circumstances and the severity of each offence. We can help you sort out all the complexities around each charge and the convoluted included offences.

You Can Hire Us at the Appeal Stage

Even if you had another lawyer help you with your murder trial, we can assist you if you decide to appeal to the Court of Appeal or the Supreme Court of Canada. Dale Wm. Fedorchuk, Q.C. of Calgary, AB has represented clients in every level of court, including Provincial Court, the Court of Queen's Bench, the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada.

We accept cases where we are paid by Legal Aid. If you apply for a Legal Aid certificate, ask Legal Aid to appoint Dale Wm. Fedorchuk, Q.C. to represent you.