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Representing Assault Defendants from Start to Finish

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Dale Wm. Fedorchuk, Q.C. offers legal representation to anyone dealing with violence charges. We also take on homicide cases, such as murder, manslaughter and criminal negigence causing death, as well as all assault-related offences like assault, assault causing bodily harm, assault with a weapon, aggravated assault and sexual assault.

What Constitutes Assault?

Assault is a relatively broad offence under the Criminal Code of Canada. Many actions can result in an assault charge, including when a person attempts, threatens, or succeeds in intentionally applying force against another person.

Serious and complex cases cover offences that cause death (first and second degree murder and manslaughter), as well as domestic violence, sexual assault, rape, assault causing bodily harm, and assault with a weapon or aggravated assault. You may be charged in a conspiracy to commit one of these offences or as a party to the offence. Depending on the severity and circumstances of the alleged assault, a range of potential consequences exist, including life in prison.

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Steadfast Defense for Serious Charges

Assault is always a serious charge. However, when an assault results in severe injury or a weapon of any kind is involved, the legal consequences are more severe. Should you be convicted, it is more difficult for your case to be resolved without jail time and much harder to make a case for alternative measures. Recent changes to the law have increased the likelihood that a conviction on a serious assault charge will result in jail time. Our lawyers will take specific steps to help your case, including:

• Deciding Whether a Judge or a Jury Should Hear Your Case
• Analyzing Whether Police Violated Your Constitutional (Charter) Rights
• Questioning the Nature of the Physical Evidence Presented against You
• Interviewing Important Witnesses to Support Your Case

Knowledgeable Legal Advice

Police and Crown counsel, when they lay charges and prosecute, will look at all of the details of your offence to decide what to charge you with. Everyday items such as a beer bottle or kitchen utensil can be considered weapons in the context of an assault. Once a charge is elevated from simple assault to assault with a weapon, it is very important to have a lawyer to defend you. Turn to us to provide the detailed evidence to support your case and contradict the case presented by the Crown.

Assaults of Sexual Nature

Upon conviction for sexual assault, you can face many serious consequences, including a jail term and the addition of your name to the sex offender registry. However, all is not lost. With our long-time experience of defending criminally accused people and involvement in complex courtroom proceedings, we can help you get the most effective resolution. While there is never a guarantee of success, having a skilled advocate at your side is an essential ingredient in obtaining favorable results.

Finding Ideal Alternatives

As seasoned professionals within the Alberta justice system, we have the experience and knowledge required to make a case for alternative measures. These cover community service work and other results that prevent a criminal record, such as a conditional discharge or rehabilitative measures. We work towards keeping your record clean and seeing that you receive the legal measures that are favorable in your case.

We accept cases where we are paid by Legal Aid. If you apply for a Legal Aid certificate, ask Legal Aid to appoint Dale Wm. Fedorchuk, Q.C. to represent you.