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About Dale Wm. Fedorchuk, Q.C.

Before you attempt to respond to allegations of wrongdoing, it is best to get in touch with Dale Wm. Fedorchuk, Q.C. At our criminal law firm in Calgary, Alberta, we work hard to inform clients of their constitutional rights and help them protect their interests in a court of law.

What Sets Us Apart

Clients turn to us for guidance because we do our best to help them understand and protect their constitutional rights. When you find yourself in the midst of the criminal justice system, we are more than happy to stand with you. A few key things that distinguish our practice from others are outlined below.


Criminal charges can come at any time. When you need us most, we will be there. Doing everything we can to assist our clients, we travel to homes, police stations, courthouses, and other locations within Calgary and surrounding areas. 

Trial Skill

Good criminal defence lawyers must convince judges of their clients' point of view. We have what it takes to make a strong case on your behalf. We have conducted trials in Provincial Court and in the Court of Queen's Bench. In addition, we have filed and argued appeals in the Courts of Appeal in Alberta and Manitoba and in the Supreme Court of Canada.


With three decades of experience, we have come to know the ins and outs of the legal systems in Alberta. We have built relationships with Crown Counsel and people in positions of authority and use these connections to help you.


Ultimately, we want our clients to succeed in their case and in life. We are determined to help people achieve legal results that will give them opportunities for rehabilitation as well as help keep them out of jail.

Criminal Defence Lawyers Association • Law Society of Alberta • The Canadian Bar Association

We accept cases where we are paid by Legal Aid. If you apply for a Legal Aid certificate, ask Legal Aid to appoint Dale Wm. Fedorchuk, Q.C. to represent you.